Software Disclaimer

Because this software may be used to design structures or components

of structures that protect human life and other valuable physical items it
is CRITICALLY important that you fully understand the intended use and
capabilities of these programs. Only experienced engineers or licensed
professional engineers should use this software and the results thereof.

The authors of this software have tried, to the best of their ability, to correctly
combine the principles of structural mechanics, provisions of current building
codes, and typical analysis processes into these programs. Regardless of how
thoroughly any software is designed and tested - errors may and PROBABLY
WILL OCCUR, and the LICENSEE (user, designer, engineer, engineer-of-record,
etc.) should thoroughly review the results and take responsibility for the use of
the final values and statements prepared by the software. This software does not
replace sound structural design, therefore this software should be considered
only an aid to performing numerical calculations.

While One Page Calculations has taken precautions to assure the correctness of
the analytical solution and design techniques used in this software, it cannot and
does not guarantee its performance, nor can it or does it bear any responsibility
for defects or failures in structures in connection with which this software may
be used. In no event will One Page Calculations software developers, its officers, owners,
employees or consultants be liable to anyone for any unfavorable conditions
occurring from the use of this software. The customer acknowledges and accepts
all of the above statements when choosing to use the software.

This SOFTWARE and the accompanying materials were developed by and are
owned by One Page Calculations. The SOFTWARE is licensed, not sold. The
software was developed privately by 
One Page Calculations.